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Microscopic Laryngeal Surgery

Microscopic Laryngeal Surgery

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  • Polyp
  • Cancer
  • Papilloma
  • Reinke’s Edema

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What is microscopic laryngeal surgery?

Microscopic laryngeal surgery, otherwise known as microlaryngoscopy, is the most precise means of visualizing and operating on the vocal folds. It allows the use of the two most essential tool sets in laryngeal surgery: the operative microscope, and microlaryngeal dissection instruments. All surgery is done through a laryngoscope, an instrument inserted via the mouth, without the need to make skin incisions.

What is microscopic laryngeal surgery used for?

Microlaryngoscopy is a surgical technique used in the evaluation and removal of various lesions of the vocal folds, including (but not limited to): cancer, cysts, papilloma, polyps, and Reinke’s edema.

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