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Ears, Balance and Vertigo

At BombayENT, our board-certified physicians identify, diagnose, and treat all types of hearing conditions, including tinnitus, ear infections, and auditory neuropathy.

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Nose and Sinus

The sinuses are tiny air pockets situated behind your nose, cheekbones, and in the middle of the eyes.

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Voice and Swallowing

When there is abnormal change in the voice of the human being it is called hoarseness of voice. Your sound would be lower in pitchy, softer in volume and might sound breathy and strained.

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Head and Neck Cancer

Head cancers ordinarily start in the squamous cells that line the damp, mucosal surfaces inside the head (for instance, inside the mouth and the nose).

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Skull base tumor

Skull base tumours are most commonly seen inside the skull, however they can sometimes appear on the exterior.

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Neck and Thyroid

A neck mass is a strange lump in the neck. Neck masses can be any size—quite significant to see and feel, or they can be very small.

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Snoring & Sleep Apnea

The air flows smoothly from mouth to nose, reaching the lungs without any problem. It is a sleeping disorder in which the breathing stops briefly involuntarily for short periods.

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Head and Neck trauma

Facial fractures are damaged bones anywhere on the face, including the nose, cheekbones, area around the eyes, and the upper and lower jaw.

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Rhinoplasty (RIE-no-plas-tee) is a nose operation that alters the shape. Rhinoplasty may be performed to enhance breathing, modify the look of the nose, or both.

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Dr Maqsood Ali Khan

Dr Maqsood Ali Khan the best ent specialist in mumbai and best Ent surgeon in south mumbai is a seasoned medical professional with over 14 years of overall experience in ENT and Skull-Base Surgery. He has a rich experience in performing surgeries such as FESS, ESS, Endoscopic pituitary lesion, CSF repair, oral cavity surgeries, post-trauma laryngeal repair, micro laryngeal surgeries for voice box, thyroidectomies, head and neck Cancer surgeries, bronchoscopy, ENT minor surgeries, all types of ear and nasal surgeries, all types of tympanoplasty and more.

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    Certificates & Awards

    • Presented Endoscopic Approach to Frontal Sinus CSF leak repair at IFNE, International Fedration of Neuroendoscopy, South Africa
    • Won First Prize at Annual meet of Bombay Neurosciences Association (BNA) presentation in 2017
    • Won an academic Scholarship as Young Otorhinolaryngologist from Asia to attend and present at 10th Annual Middle East Otolaryngology Conference & Head and Neck Surgery, held in Dubai.
    • Won First Prize for poster presentation at the Trinity 2011 – All Maharashtra Medical Conference for Students.
    • Won the First Prize for poster presentation at the Voice and Airway Workshop.
    • Won the Second Prize at Gosumeet 2000, International Scientific Conference – an Undergraduate Medical Seminar competition conducted at K.E.M. Hospital.
    • Received the J.R.D. Tata Scholarship for academic excellence during MBBS.
    • Awarded the Mark of Admiration Certificate by the Dean of RGMC & CSMH and the Hospital Chief Medical Administrator for working round the clock during epidemics that followed the deluge in his district.

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