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Endoscopic Retro Orbital Surgery

Endoscopic Retro Orbital Surgery


To review a group of patients with sphenoid wing meningioma and visual impairment. The technique and results for endoscopic transnasal decompression of the orbital apex is presented.

Patients and methods

Patients presenting between 1993 and 2004 with visual impairment due to sphenoid wing meningioma were identified. All patients had full ophthalmic assessment, automated visual field testing, and appropriate orbital imaging. Patients with clinical evidence of significant progression in visual impairment (loss of acuity, reduced colour discrimination, or field deterioration) underwent endoscopic transnasal orbital decompression.

Outcome measures

Assessment of visual function (Snellen acuity, Ishihara colour perception, and visual field testing), together with other measures of orbital structure and function (ocular balance, ductions, and exophthalmometry).

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