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Vocal Cord Polyp

Vocal Cord Polyp

Vocal cord lesions include noncancerous growths that include nodules, cysts and polyps. All three are different from each other. These can occur on either one side or both side of the vocal cord.


Vocal cord polyps can be caused by various factors such as misuse or overuse of voice. Still, on the other hand, if the vocal cord has been disrupted by a single episode of verbal abuse like shouting in an auditorium or any sports event, there are pretty good chances of emerging polyps.

Traumas that cause polyps are aften found in professional singers, cheerleading, screaming regularly at events. Certain professions require continuous and excessive vocal cords such as teaching , sales person, radio personality and sports, dance coach. 

Extra muscle tensions are also one of the reasons for vocal cord polyps. It happens while smoking, drinking alcohol, allergies, sinusitis, speaking and rarely due to hypothyroidism.


Here are some symptoms that will help identify the vocal cord polyps, such as frequent coughing, general fatigue and throat clearing.  When the voice is harsh scratchy, and there are frequent voice breaks. Pain is also a significant symptom that feels like shooting pain from one ear to another, neck pain and lumps in the throat.

Treatment can be followed according to the severity of the case. Surgery is often recommended followed by Voice therapy and exercise

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