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Vocal cord paralysis

Vocal cord paralysis

Vocal cords are significant as they provide the ability to breathe, speak and swallow. Any cause of paralysis to these cords will require medical attention


Causes of vocal cord paralysis are usually due to some medical event. Suppose a person goes under a stroke or has any injury to the chest or neck that probably increase the chance of paralysis. The neurological conditions like myasthenia gravis, Parkinson’s disease or MS often result in vocal cord paralysis. Or a lump in the neck or chest maybe compressing the nerve to vocal cord


First to identify the cause of paralysis and treat accordingly , then for the vocal cord following things are done

Voice therapy – speech-language pathologist aims at reviving the vocal cords functioning through repetitive exercises.  Doctors initially recommend voice therapy before surgery as there are good chances of recovering within a year. 

Surgery – when both the cords are damaged, then the doctors suggest surgery right away. Vocal cord injection is injected to make your cord bulkier and easy to move. After this surgery, you can go home right away.

Phonosurgery –  It changes the shape or location of your vocal cord. To improve voice

Signs and Symptoms

There are common symptoms that will help you in identifying the vocal cord paralysis –

  1. The breathing quality turns down, often noisy breathing.
  2. Unable to speak loudly that is loss of vocal pitch
  3. Difficulty in eating, swallowing food.
  4. Choking while eating and drinking.
  5. Loss of gag reflex
  6. Hoarseness
  7. Clearing the throat frequently
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