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Vocal Cord Cancer

Vocal Cord Cancer

Vocal cord cancer is rare cancer; if diagnosed at an earlier stage, it is highly curable. It grows over parts of the larynx or voice box.


The most prominent cause for vocal cord cancer is smoking and drinking alcohol. Some of the other risk factors are 

  • HPV that is human papillomavirus
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Genetic factors
  • History of head and neck cancer
  • Low immunity
  • Poor nutrition
  • Exposure to certain chemicals like paint fumes


After diagnosing the seriousness of the problem, proper treatment can be given. For more severe cases, a combination of treatments according to the patient’s need is done.

Treatments could be chemotherapy, radiations therapy and surgery. At the early stage, both surgery and radiation therapy is given. At a later stage, the combination of all three treatments is followed for the best results.


One of the prominent symptoms is hoarseness. Here are some other symptoms that will help in identifying the vocal cord cancer –

  1. weight loss.
  2. A chronic sore throat
  3. irregular ear pain.
  4. Noisy breathing
  5. Frequently choking on food and pain in swallowing food
  6. Lumps in the throat or neck
  7. Voice changes
  8. The feeling of something stuck in the throat
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