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Swallowing Pain

Swallowing Pain

An infection or an allergic reaction is generally a symptom of swallowing pain. It is a common complaint found in the maximum population now and then. At least once in a lifetime, people experience swallowing pain. Swallowing requires muscles and nerves in the mouth, throat and food pipe and therefore, it interferes with eating, drinking and breathing. Odynophagia is the medical term for swallowing pain.


Strep throat – one of the common infections called Streptococcal bacteria. It includes fever, white patches on the tonsils, pain in the soft palate, swollen or tender lymph nodes on one or both sides of the neck or red spots on the soft palate.

Tonsillitis – bacterial and viruses infections can cause tonsillitis. It is contagious. People notice bad breath, fever, swollen tonsils, tender jaw or neck, and white or yellow spots on the tonsils during tonsillitis.

Epiglottitis – when there is inflammation in the epiglottis, you can feel some typical symptoms of swallowing pain such as dysphagia that is difficulty in swallowing, drooling, and a high fever.

Fungal infection – It is a fungus that can cause severe conditions spreading in the mouth, throat and food pipe. It feels the loss of taste, white patches on the tongue, inflammation in the oesophagus.


 According to the cause, follows the proper treatment. Doctors may recommend medications, and if the problem is recurring, then other procedures like removing tonsils may be advised in case of recurrent tonsil infection

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