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Hoarseness of voice

Hoarseness of voice

When there is abnormal change in the voice of the human being it is called hoarseness of voice. Your sound would be lower in pitchy, softer in volume and might sound breathy and strained.


  1. Upper Respiratory infections
  2. Allergies
  3. Smoking
  4. Screaming, overuse of vocal cords, loud singing
  5. Stomach acid reflux
  6. Inhalation of the toxic substance
  7. Alcohol

These are causes that can worsen the hoarseness of voice.there are some less common causes such as –

  1. Abnormal growth of vocal cord
  2. Throat,lung or thyroid cancer
  3. Weak voice box function
  4. Male voice deepens at the time of adolescence


Hoarseness of voice is a common problem in every house time and again it could be treated by some self care routine 

Rest – Give rest to your vocal cords. Do not shout or sing and in fact do not even whisper because it gives more stress to the vocal cords.

No to alcohol – Hoarseness gets worst with intake of alcoholic substances as it dries out the throat

Stay hydrated – Try to drink plenty of rehydrating fluids as it aids in moistening the your throat and keeps it soft.

No forceful cleaning of throat – Do not urge to clean the throat forcefully as it would increase the inflammation and irritation. 

For other causes medical attention will be required

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