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Nose Cancer

Nose Cancer

This type of cancer is called nasopharyngeal cancer.

Symptoms of nasal and sinus cancer

– Nasal and sinus cancer influence the nasal cavity and the sinuses.

– It’s a rare type of cancer that mostly men above the age of forty.

Sinus cancer are:

  • A continually blocked nose – usually affects one side
  • Nose bleeding
  • Losing sense of smell
  • Mucus running from your nose
  • Drainage of mucus into the back of your nose and throat
  • These indications can be similar to more common conditions like – cold or sinusitis.

At a later stage, indications comprise of –

  • Numbness or pain in the face (specifically in the upper cheek)
  • Neck’s swollen gland
  • Partial loss of vision or double vision
  • Continuous watering eye
  • Persistent lump
  • Treatments for nasal and sinus cancer
  • The aid recommended for you will depend on individual factors, considering the stage at which the cancer was analyzed, how far it’s spread, and how much effect it has caused.

Treatment includes

  • The surgical procedure to remove a tumour can be performed through keyhole surgery through the nose, also known as endoscopic microsurgery.
  • Radiotherapy – where high-energy radiation is used to kill the cancerous cells and destroy small pieces of a tumour that may be left after surgery completion.
  • Chemotherapy – where medicine is used to help to slow down the growth of a tumour and reduce the risk of the returning of tumorous cells after surgery.

Types of Cancer of Nose

External nose skin maybe affected by Basal Cell Carcinoma, Squamous cell carcinoma and other skin cancer

Within Sinus the same type of cancer or other sinus cancer can occur. Some can be treated Endoscopically and others may require wide excision by external approach

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