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Nasal polyps

Nasal polyps

Nasal polyps are mucosal lining swelling in nose and sinuses, empty spaces between the bony caves within your nose—the structure from mucous layers — meagre, delicate tissue that lines these body parts. Nasal polyps leads to nose and sinuses blockage and occasionally bleeds. If it gets infected may cause Complicated Sinusitis,  fever , facial swelling and eye swelling


Polyps create because the mucous layers coating the nose or sinuses change. These layers get irritated or get aggravated again and again. The irritation highlights growing redness and liquid buildup. Researchers accept that hypersensitivities and diseases cause aggravation. They think that since they’ve studied tissue taken from nasal polyps. Those examples contained additional eosinophils, white platelets connected to infections, and hypersensitive responses. The proof focuses on inflammation causing minor developments loaded up with liquid. Those developments at that point transform into polyps.


Not every patients can be relieved of nasal polyps, yet a few medicines can help: 

  • Steroid sprays to recoil polyps and improve side effects. 
  • Oral steroids (pills you swallow). 
  • Outpatient (no overnight stay) medical surgery procedure to put a minuscule stent. It props open the nasal sections and conveys steroids or different meds. 
  • An Day Care surgery procedure (FEES) is utilizing endoscopy to eliminate polyps when different therapies don’t work. 


Polyps as the grow in size and blocks normal airflow in nose and sinuses leads to 

Head pains. 

  • Loss of smell or taste. 
  • Nasal blockage (stodgy nose). 
  • Nasal waste (runny nose). 
  • Nosebleeds. 
  • Postnasal trickle
  • Pain in the sinuses, face, eye or top teeth
  • Snoring
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