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Ear Deformities

Ear Deformities

Most ear deformities are congenital, although some can occur due to disease or trauma later in life. 

Some ear deformities last only for a short while. In the event that the deformity was brought about by unusual situating in the uterus or during birth, it might resolve as the youngster develops, the ear unfolds and takes on a more typical structure.

Types of ear deformities -

There are various types of congenital ear deformities –

  • Microtia
  • Anotia
  • Protruding ears
  • Constricted ears
  • Cryptotia
  • Stahl’s ear
  • Ear tag
  • Congenital earlobe deformities
  • Ear hemangiomas

Treatment options include -

  • Ear molding for newborns, constricted or Stahl’s ears, ideally at 1-3 weeks of age 
  • Surgery (normally after age six when the ear has grown to adult size) to correct problems with the outer ear or earlobes
  • Cochlear implants (surgically implanted hearing device) or hearing aids to improve hearing if inner ear is affected

Causes of ear deformities -

Reason of various kind of ear malformations are not completely understood, but some possible factors are – 

  • Lack of blood supply during fetal development
  • Genetic mutations or inherited conditions
  • Exposure to certain toxins or medications
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