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Pinna infection

Perichondritis (Pinna infection)

Perichondritis is an infection of the skin and tissue encompassing the cartilage of the outer ear.


The most well-known sort of microscopic organism that causes perichondritis contamination is Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

An injury typically causes perichondritis to the ear due to:

  • Ear surgery
  • Ear piercing
  • Contact sports
  • Trauma

Ear piercing through the cartilage is most likely the significant danger factor today. Surgery, burns and acupuncture can worsen the risk of infection.

Perichondritis can prompt chondritis, which is a disease of the cartilage itself. This contamination can cause serious harm to the ear structure and shape


Treatment comprises anti-infection agents, either by mouth or straightforwardly into the circulation system through an intravenous (IV) line. Antibiotics can be allowed for ten days to several weeks. On the off chance that there is pus formation and you may require surgery. The surgery is done to deplete this pus and eliminate any dead skin and cartilage.


An excruciating, swollen, red ear is the most well-known side effect. From the outset, the contamination will resemble a skin disease, yet it rapidly worsens and includes the perichondrium.

For the most part, the redness encompasses a space of injury, like a cut or scrape. There may likewise be a fever. In more severe cases, the liquid will drain from the wound.


The conclusion depends on the clinical history and examination of the ear. If there is any past event of trauma to the ear and the ear is red and delicate, perichondritis is analyzed. There might be an adjustment of the typical shape of the ear. The ear may look swollen.

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