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EarLobe Repair

Ear Lobe Repair

Earlobe repair is an aesthetic intervention to mend stretched, enlarged or torn earlobes. This is a short, sweet and simple procedure that is highly sought after by anyone with earlobe piercings over time.


The treatment is of short duration and begins with the pre-procedural steps. The practitioner starts by drawing a line to mark the area, which is followed by administering a local anaesthetic. Once the area is numb, a slit is made and the surgeon reshapes the earlobe by removing the excess skin and attains the desired shape. The procedure is wrapped up by closing the slit with either sutures or glue and some protective dressing is applied.


Earlobe tears usually occur due to different types of earrings like danglers or hoops that get caught and are tugged causing an accident or trauma. However, extended use of earrings with thin stems can have a saw-like effect on the earlobe. Over a period of time, this can cause lashes or partially tear the earlobe as well.


Stretching or enlargement of the earlobe is the most common cause that leads to this treatment. It is mostly caused by regular and prolonged usage of heavy earrings which working along with gravity puts pressure on the delicate earlobe and causes enlargement.


The earlobe is made up of soft tissue unlike the rest of the ear which is supported by cartilage, this allows various movements and weights to tug and pull. This ultimately leads to stretching which causes enlargement or even trauma which can cause a tear in the earlobe.


The enlargement or tear of earlobes can be easily prevented by wearing small lightweight studs (preferably precious metal) for regular usage. One should avoid wearing heavy statement pieces, danglers or hoops for long hours and either opt to wear them occasionally or dress up using other pieces of jewellery. It is also recommended to sleep without any earrings to avoid tugging.

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