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Ear Keloid

Ear Keloids are the overgrowths.

Ear keloids can be due to the excess skin remodelling while healing after ear piercing or any ear surgery. It is not a very serious problem as it does not cause any internal or mental problem; instead, it is scar tissue caused by skin trauma. Sometimes it forms around the wound to repair it, or sometimes, there is an extra growth that is firm, smooth, rubbery, hard, fibrous growth or nodules. 

It can be formed on both lobes and cartilage, whose colour ranges from light pink to dark brown.


One of the significant reasons for Ear Keloids is ear piercing. It might not look like a problem while carrying the process of ear piercing, but your body knows it. Sometimes Fibrous scar tissue makes excess scar tissue leading to keloids. It could increase or may take some months after your ear piercing. 

There are other causes of ear keloids: surgical scars, acne, tattoos, insect bites, or chickenpox.

Keloids are more likely to develop in those who already have a genetic background, for people with dark colour have 15 to 20 times more risk and people under the age of 25 to 30 years.


Keloids can be treated, but they are hard to get off. Even after successful treatment, keloid might again appear after some time. Doctors recommend a combination of different treatment for positive results.

Surgical Removal – With successful surgery, keloids might get removed for the time being. Still, it has a perfect chance of appearing again as surgery causes the wound, making it more likely to get keloids. To avoid that, doctors recommend other modalities of medical treatment along with surgery.

Non surgical removal – It is used to shrink the keloids. Doctors inject medications like corticosteroids and other injections to your keloids to shrink them. There are different process as well, like LASER treatment, and Cryotherapy.

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