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Ear Infection

Ear Infection:

Treat the unwinding symptoms of infectious ears!

An ear infection is an effect of viral or bacteria and sometimes fungal that intend to affect the eardrum and the middle ear part. Middle ear is the section considered to be behind the eardrum. Patient feels not just pain but a sense of irritation or, at times, fluid is a buildup in the ears if a person is suffering from any infection.

Causes of Ear infection

Infection in the ear is caused when eustachian tubes gets blocked or swollen. Such a situation leads to the occurrence of fluid that is developed in the middle part of the ear and may get infected. These Eustachian tubes are small as it runs straight to the throat.

Reasons for eustachian blockage are:

  1. Colds
  2. Allergy
  3. Sinus 
  4. Smoking
  5. Swollen adenoids
  6. Air pressure change

Symptoms depicting the ear infection

  1. Discomfort within the ear
  2. Pressure feeling within the ear
  3. Fussiness in young children
  4. Drainage like pus in the ear, causing perforation of ear drum
  5. Hearing loss

Such symptoms might come or go or may lead to perforation of eardrum or retraction of eardrum. In some of the children, these symptoms might occur in both ears, just one ear. At times, the pain becomes hard to handle, indicating that a person needs immediate medical assistance. In case a person is experiencing such symptoms, they must reach to doctor immediately.

Prevention of ear infection

It is suggested that one should wash their hands often along with avoiding visiting overcrowded places. Please do not go for secondhand smoke as it will increase the infection rate. Pacifiers should be avoided to stay healthy and prevent himself from ear infection all the time.

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