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Endoscopic JNA excision

Endoscopic JNA excision


Endoscopie excision of Juvenile Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma (JNA) was carried out with (he objective of minimizing blood loss and attempting a complete excision of the tumor under direct vision with the help of Hopkins telescopes.


The tumor was excised completely in 17 out of the total 18 cases that were treated exclusively by endoscopy. One case has shown a recurrence. The 5 cases treated by the staged approach represented very large tumours or tumours with intra-cranial extensions. In I of these cases, inoperable tumor remnant engulfing the internal carotid artery was treated by radiotherapy post-operatively. Conclusion: With successful excision of JNA in all but one case, we could reasonably conclude, that endoscopie excision of JNA could become a safer and a more precise alternative to open surgery provided it is practiced judiciously by surgeons who have considerable experience in endoscopie surgery and the necessary backup to convert to open surgery should the need arise.

Study Design

A prospective 4 year study of 23 cases of JNA treated by endoscopie excision is presented. Of these, 18 were treated by endoscopie excision alone. The remaining 5 were treated with a two staged approach either by mid-facial degloving followed by endoscopy or by 2 endoscopie procedures.

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